Street Names
222, agua, albino poo, alffy, all tweakend long, anny, anything going on, bache knock, bache rock, bag chasers, baggers, Barney Dope, batak, Bato, bato, batu kilat, batu or batunas, batuwhore, beegokes, bianca, bikerdope, Billy, bitch, biznack, blanco, Blizzard, Blue acid, blue funk, bomb, booger, boorit-cebuano, boo-yah, Brian Ed, buff stick, bugger sugar, buggs, bumps, buzzard dust, caca, candy, cankinstien, CC, chach, cha-cha-cha, chalk, chalk dust, chank, cheebah, cheese, chicken flippin, chikin or chicken, chingadera, chittle, chizel, chiznad, choad, clavo, coco, coffee, cookies, CR, crack whore, crankster gansters, cri, criddle, cringe, crissy, critty, crizzy, crothch dope, crow, crunk, crypto, crystal meth, Crystalight, cube, Debbie, devil dust, devil’s dandruff, Devil’s drug, dingles, dirt, dirty, dizzy-D, D-Monic Or D, do da, doody, doo-my-lau, dope, Drano, Dummy Dust, dyno, epimethrine, Epod, eraser dust, Ethyl-M, Evil Yellow, Fatch, fedrin, fil-layed, fizz wizz, gackle-a fackle-a, gak, gas, gear or get geared up, gemini, glass, go, go fast, go-ey, go-go, go-go juice, Gonzales, goop, got anything, grit, gumption, gyp, Haiwaiian Salt, Hank, high speed chicken feed, highthen, hillbilly crack, hippy crack, homework, hoo, Horse Mumpy, Hydro, hypes, ice, ice cream, Icee, ish, izice, jab, jab, jasmine, Jenny Crank Program, jetfuel, jib, jib Nugget, jinga, juddha, juice, junk, kibble, killer, KooLAID, Kryptonite, laundry detergent, lemon drop, life, lily, Linda, lost weekend, love, low, Lucille, M Man, magic, meth, meth monsters, methaine, meth-and-friend, meth-and-friends-of-mine, methanfelony, methatrim, methmood, method, nazi dope, ne, newday, No Doze, nose candy, on a good one, Patsie, Peaking, Peanut butter, peel dope, phazers, phets, philopon, pieta, pink, poison, poop, poop’d out, poor man’s coccaine, pootananny, powder, powder monkeys, powder point, project propellant, puddle, pump, Q’d, quick, quill, rachet jaw, rails, rails, rank, redneck heroin, Richie Rich, rip, rock, rocket fuel, rocky mountain high, rosebud, Rudy’s, rumdumb, running pizo, sack, Sam’s Sniff, Sarahs, Satan Dust, scante, scap, schlep rock, Scooby snax, scud, scwadge, shab, sha-bang, shabs, shabu, shamers, shards, shards, shit, shiznack, shiznac, sciznac or shiznastica, shiznit, shiznitty, shizzo, shnizzie snort, shwack, skeech, sketch, ski, skitz, sky rocks, sliggers, smiley smile, Smurf Dope, smzl, snaps, sniff, snow, space food, spaceman, spagack, sparacked, sparked, sparkle, speed racer, spin, spinack, Spindarella, spinney boo, spinning, spishak, spook, sprack, sprizzlefracked, sprung, Spun Ducky Woo, squawk, stallar, sto-pid, styels, sugar, suger, sweetness, swerve, syabu, ta’doww, talkie, Tasmanian Devil, tenner, the new prozac, the white house, tical, Tina or Teena, tish (shit backwards), tobats, toots, torqued, trippin trip, tubbytoast, tutu, twack, twacked out, tweak, tweedle doo, tweek, tweezwasabi, twiz, twizacked, ugly dust, vanilla pheromones, wake, way, we-we-we, whacked, white bitch, white ink, white junk, white lady, white pony (ridin’ the white pony), white, who-ha, wigg, xaing, yaaba, YAMA, yammer bammer, yank, yankee, yay, yead out, yellow barn, zingin, zip, zoiks, zoom

What is it ?
Methamphetamine (meth) is an extremely addictive stimulant drug that strongly activates certain systems in the brain. Chemically, it’s closely related to the drug amphetamine, but the central nervous system effects of meth are greater. Dependence occurs swiftly.

As a powerful stimulant, meth, even in small doses, can increase wakefulness and physical activity and decrease appetite. A brief, intense sensation, or rush, is reported by those who smoke or inject meth. Oral ingestion or snorting produces a long-lasting high instead of a rush, which reportedly can continue for as long as half a day. Both the rush and the high are believed to result from the release of very high levels of the neurotransmitter dopamine into areas of the brain that regulate feelings of pleasure.

Meth has toxic effects. In animals, a single high dose of the drug has been shown to damage nerve terminals in the dopamine-containing regions of the brain. High doses can elevate body temperature to dangerous, sometimes lethal levels, as well as cause convulsions.

The withdrawal symptoms, especially the depression and physical agony, are reported to be worse than heroin or cocaine, and often addicts will drop out of recovery programs.

Meth is usually a clear-to-white crystalline substance. It gets one of its nicknames, crystal, because of its appearance — think sea salt crystals for example.

The color can vary considerably, depending on its purity and method of manufacture. In its cheapest and most toxic form called crank, the drug takes on varying shades of greasy-brown, sometimes with black flecks. Ice, a very pure form of the drug, is clear or transparent in appearance, closely resembling rock salt.

The Faces of Addiction
Crash of a Dallas Dentist

The fall of a once successful Dallas dentist (left),
is dramatically illustrated in these photos.
With a revoked dental license, unemployed, and addicted to meth, she was arrested for selling bogus pain pill prescriptions